The John McKenna Project

I am currently busy with the John McKenna Society recording a double CD tribute album to John McKenna accompanied by Kevin Brehony on piano.   What makes this album that bit ‘special and unique’ is that the album is being recorded in John McKenna’s homestead which the society owns and Liam is playing John McKenna’s original flute! The story of how we have McKenna’s Flute is one for another post but many thanks to Flute Player and McKenna expert, Sean Gilraine and Hammy Hamilton for the restoration! A lot of flute-players involved in the project with Dave Sheridan in charge of all things recording in the house Some of the tracks will also be released on a limited edition vinyl record to highlight and celebrate the music McKenna sent back to us via 78s over 100 years ago which influenced generations of musicians and paved the way for musicians like Liam to bring our music to where it is now in 2020, Liam I’m sure would agree that McKenna helped him along the away in in his career!  

While Covid-19 has interrupted the recording of the album, we are aiming to launch the CD Virtually  during 2021 at the next  John McKenna Festival.  

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